About Us

Defined By Steel™ Since 1957

Our dedication to serving DIY and professional customers around the world never bends or breaks. We endure the elements – so you don’t have to. And we remain flexible enough to deliver exactly what you want, exactly when you need it.

Our goal has always been to create steel products that hold strong and retain their value better than any other brand’s. And for more than 60 years, we’ve done just that. We’re proud to be one of the most dependable suppliers in the industry, and today we make the toughest and strongest prime steel lawn edging, custom planters, yard elements and galvanized retail signage and holders for those who demand perfection out of every product they use. Our job doesn’t end until you get yours done right.

Our History

We began as Oak Cliff Metal in 1957 and primarily manufactured building products for Dallas-Fort Worth-area contractors and businesses. On February 4, 1958, James Collier Sr. obtained a patent for galvanized clip edging, beginning a new chapter for the company. In the early 1970s, at the request of local nurseries, Oak Cliff Metal began manufacturing galvanized sign holders. Oak Cliff Metal moved to Garland, Texas, in the 1980s, and we rebranded ourselves as Collier Metal Specialties – COL-MET for short. We then began producing stake-type steel lawn edging at the request of our existing nursery and landscape customers to offer professionals an affordable, long-lasting solution to isolate mulch, rock, and stone in various landscape designs.

We moved our headquarters to Garland in the late 1990s and have now expanded our production capabilities into a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

Superior service & craftsmanship

● Tenured experts are on hand to take care of customers and answer questions

● Dependable, high-quality prime steel adds great-looking curb appeal and luxury to any project

● We can custom manufacture a variety of products for thicknesses, texture, height, color and finish

● We can also do custom steel work to meet your unique project needs and specifications