9 Affordable DIY Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

A home’s exterior plays a crucial role in its curb appeal and its value. Of course, you want your yard to look manicured. Fortunately, DIY landscaping does not have to cost a fortune. There are many easy and inexpensive landscaping options that make it possible to maintain a beautiful home exterior without a hefty price tag. Here are 9 affordable DIY landscaping tips for homeowners.

1. Use Mulch Alternatives

Mulching your plants brings a number of benefits to your garden. For example, it protects the root system of your greenery, deters weeds and pests, and keeps the soil at a good temperature. Instead of using traditional wood chips, you should consider mulching with shredded leaves. These deliver calcium and other nutrients to your grass and shrubbery. In other words, growth is encouraged, which offers a fresh appearance to your yard.

2. Add Color to Your Decor

Infusing a pop of color to your home’s curb appeal will add elements of style. Instead of heading to the paint store for a new gallon of “Fire Truck Red”, grab some old paint that remains from your other projects. Then start painting! Consider painting your planters, flower pots, mailbox, and more! This tiny bit of color will bring big interest and appeal to the outside of your home.

3. Build Your Own Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great focal point for your outdoor area. If you frequently entertain, it is a must-have feature. Instead of spending endless amounts of cash on a fancy design, there is a simple way to get the same aesthetic. You can simply use affordable cinder blocks or retaining wall blocks to create a flaming gathering space for friends and family.

4. Landscape Lighting

Your home’s exterior is not complete without lighting. Thankfully, there are a variety of inexpensive options that are simple to install. For example, you can hang string or rope lights around your patio. There are also solar lights on spikes that can skimpy be pushed into the ground. These wireless lights can highlight walkways, flower beds and more. In the end, you will be able to entertain long after the sun goes down.

5. Plant a Tree with a Tree Ring

One of the most simple and affordable DIY landscaping “musts” is to add a tree ring to your trees. A tree ring adds visual interest to your landscape that sets it apart from the rest of its surrounding greenery. Colmet offers steel landscape edging tree rings in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Click the button below to find Colmet steel tree rings in a home improvement retailer near you.


6. DIY Stepping Stones

Did you know you can make your own custom stepping stones? All you need is a bag of cement, water, and a mold. There are numerous patterns available that make this a great DIY landscaping addition.

7. Repurposed Seating

A great way to decorate your pool or patio area without spending a lot of money is with repurposed seating. It is possible to create an awesome bench or chair from leftover wood, tires, milk crates, and more! There are a multitude of how-to videos available to get ideas. In no time, you will have plenty of places to sit and to enjoy your home’s exterior environment.

8. Plant Perennials

One of the easiest and most inexpensive landscaping tips is planting perennials. Since they do not have to be planted each year, you save time and money working in your flower beds. Also, after they are established, they require less care. In many cases, the root system provides essential nutrition. Some of the most common perennials in the United States are lavender, hosta, and creeping phlox.

9. Give Your Landscaping an Edge

An easy and inexpensive way to maintain a clean look in your yard is by installing steel landscape edging. It creates an unassuming separation between your grass, driveway, sidewalks, and garden. Another benefit is that it prevents migration of certain garden bed materials such as gravel or mulch. With little investment and effort, it is possible to create a crisp look on your property. To purchase the Colmet steel landscape edging, visit your local retailer.


When you are on a budget, it is always nice to uncover useful and affordable landscaping tips. The above ideas are just a few helpful ways to create a beautiful effect on your home’s exterior. Colmet is a trusted name in the landscaping industry and is known for its high-quality yet inexpensive steel landscape edging.

For information about how Colmet helps homeowners make the most of their landscaping, click here.

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