Home Depot Buying Guide: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Landscape

If there is anything we have learned over the past year, it’s that a beautiful outdoor space can help ease the stress of living during a pandemic. Landscaping is a great way to freshen up your outdoor space and add value to your home, while making it more functional and enjoyable. 

Whether you’re looking to transform your lawn into a tropical oasis or just want to add splashes of color to your outdoor space, there are a variety of Home Depot products to help you do just that. To get you inspired, we’ve put together five ways you can spruce up your landscape this season in just one trip to Home Depot. 

1. Mulch Much?

Landscape mulch helps improve soil health and is a great way to control weeds, conserve water, and reduce soil erosion. Mulch also improves soil’s ability to hold onto nutrients and water, which are both essential for plant growth. Mulch can be made of many different materials including wood chips, bark, stones, and even synthetic materials but to maximize the benefits of your mulch, you’ll want to select a wood mulch variety. Our favorite bagged mulch is EarthGro by Scotts® 12-Month Color Advantage. EarthGro’s Color Advantage promises to keep mulch color all year long plus naturally deter weeds.

2. Create a Colorful Impact with Pots & Planters

It’s tough to rely on plants to provide the color in your landscape because, let’s face it, we’re not all blessed with a green thumb. Plus, as the seasons change, so does the needs and maintenance for the various plants in your garden. An easy way to ensure you have a pop of color, no matter your level of horticulture expertise or season, is through pots and planters. Pots and planters liven up your outdoor space by providing an eye catching moment among the sea of green that can sometimes dominate a landscape. Our favorite show stopping planter is the DIY Steel Garden Planter coming soon to HomeDepot.com. This stunning steel planter bolts together easily (no tools required) to create a statement. 

3. It’s Not a Landscape Until You Have Steel Edging

There is a plethora of landscape edging materials available today and factors go into choosing the best fit for your landscape. Let’s break it down to 4 easy things:  installation, flexibility, durability, and timeless style. There’s only one product on the market that checks all of those boxes – steel edging. Steel edging can be installed in 3 easy steps and lasts years without maintenance. One of the hallmarks of steel edging is its flexibility. Whether your landscape features straight pathways and defined corners or you follow a flowing, more abstract approach, steel edging can bend and flex to be placed exactly where you want it. Plus, steel edging is timeless; meaning it can adapt to changing gardening trends. Our favorite steel edging product at Home Depot is the 8 ft. x 14-Gauge x 4 in. Brown Steel Landscaping Edging. While this steel edging is available in many different colors, we love the look of a brown, powder-coated steel as it camouflages against deep chocolate toned mulch. Find Colmet Steel Edging at your local Home Depot here

4. Fire Up The Ambiance

Picture this. It’s a cool evening and you have a rare night off from work. Head outside to your backyard with a book for an evening of reading next to your fire pit. A fire pit can be an extension of your home that adds a focal point for your “outdoor room.” It can provide a source of light, heat, and ambiance. But a fire pit can also be a functional addition available in a wide variety; just pick your favorite. You can find everything from wood burning fire pits that are hardscaped into your property to tabletop gas powered fire pits that beg for toasted marshmallows. We love the unique fair of this Briarglen Fire Ball with Tree Branches at Home Depot. It’s a unique take on fire pit that is sure to be a conversation starter. If the flaming ball is a little too much, this table top fire pit is an excellent low key option.  

5. Light It Up!

The right landscape lighting can transform your evenings into a much-deserved escape. Outdoor lighting is a great way to create a sense of ambiance while also serving a purpose. By choosing the right outdoor lighting, you can set the mood, enhance your home and make it more inviting. But landscape lighting also illuminates your path for safety and security. There are so many different kinds of outdoor lighting these days, from motion-activated lights to solar lights, and a variety of different styles from antique to modern. One of our favorite landscape lighting options at Home Depot is the 16 in. Tall Copper Outdoor Integrated LED Landscape Stainless Steel Solar Path Light by Pure Garden. These solar powered lights eliminate any complicated electrical situations while looking modern. They are also extremely easy to install and made from a durable steel material.

Visit Your Local Home Depot

Whether you want to create an inviting patio space with a fire pit, or you want to create a beautiful garden, these Home Depot landscaping products offer a number of different design ideas that you can use to create the perfect outdoor living space. Plus, you can get all of these must-have landscaping products in one trip to Home Depot! 

Remember that an outdoor space can be as inviting as the inside of your house, and it’s all about the landscaping details. If you need a little guidance to get started on your landscape project, talk with your local Home Depot garden center pro. They can then work with you to create a backyard design that fits your vision and even help you find a pro to tackle your landscape for you.


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