Introducing the New Colmet

Have you seen our new website? We built it for you.

We have always taken pride in the Colmet brand. Our brand isn’t just a logo and a tagline; it’s a reflection of our core values and frankly, our family history. For more than six decades and now four generations, our family has put honesty, trust, safety and innovation at the forefront of our business. We always wanted our website and branding to represent the modern, innovative approach we take with our products. That’s why we decided to update everything you see to visually reflect that standard of excellence. The Colmet you’ve seen didn’t align with the innovative company we are.

So we did something about it.

The Colmet Brand Update

We wanted you to see Colmet how we see it, as a leader in the steel manufacturing industry and an innovator with a passion for customer service. So we asked ourselves the tough questions. Why do we exist? How can we show you, our loyal customers, that you are our priority? How can we make your life easier? The answers to these questions (and many others) are in our new Colmet brand.

Simply put, the new Colmet brand is our promise to you. It’s what you can expect from us, our products, and our service.

Like Your Landscape, We Are Defined By SteelTM

We began as Oak Cliff Metal in 1957 and were known as steel manufacturers of building products for local contractors and businesses. As our product offering expanded and evolved, so did our name.

We are Colmet. We believe that you deserve steel and landscaping products that work as hard as you do.

Our new logo and branding reflects who we are more effectively than our previous branding. In the past, the Colmet brand hasn’t been one that stood out from the crowd. Our products have always been popular, but many people referred to them by the store where they purchased them. At Colmet, we pride ourselves on easy to use, quality products that make an instant impact, whether it’s our steel landscape edging or our galvanized steel sign holders.

We view our steel lawn edging, custom planters, yard elements and galvanized retail signage and sign holders as crisp, clean products that stand the test of time. Now our logo and branding is, too.

The New Colmet Website Is Here

Business has changed drastically since we opened our doors in the late 1950s. We can sum business in that era in two words: no internet. Back then, even the thought of a website was beyond farfetched. Now, you can’t be in business without one. To show you the real, innovative Colmet, we needed to overhaul our once ahead of its time site into a top-notch, user-centric website.

So that’s exactly what we did.


Our new website is easily navigable and functional, and a reflection of the quality products we manufacture. We wanted to make the information you need as easy to find as possible with fast loading pages that work as seamlessly on your smartphone as they do on your desktop.

Furthermore, we wanted a website that would empower and inspire you to create a landscape that fills you with pride. If you are going to work hard on landscape, then you deserve a website that is a true resource; a website that works as hard as you do. Click the button below to have a look around the new


What Does this Mean for Homeowners Who Use Colmet Steel Products?

Short answer? We’ve made things easier for you to learn about what you need to build your dream landscape. Not sure what your dream landscape is? We can help with that, too.

Not only is the new website easier to navigate, full of helpful information and inspiring landscape designs, it is closely tied to our recently revamped social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (plus Pinterest is coming soon!). Our goal is to foster conversations with you on whatever social media platform you prefer. 

Our reinvigorated channels will include landscape ideas, trends, new product releases and so much more. For example, did you know the melting agent that keeps us safe during cold, icy weather is actually harmful to nearby plant life?

iPhone-ColmetFB Post_v1At Colmet, we recognize the hard work it takes to bring your landscape vision to life, and we aim to provide the best steel products to help you build the yard of your dreams. We are committed to helping make your project easier and more fulfilling by giving you better instructional videos, new ideas and even innovative new products. 

We know you’ve put in the energy and poured your heart, soul and sweat into creating your dream yard, and that’s why we continue to work to build your confidence with us and help you build confidence for the next project you tackle.

What Does this Mean for Professional Landscapers Who Use Colmet Steel Products?

We know that landscape professionals work incredibly hard to deliver results for their clients. So we want to make sure the Colmet website and brand works hard for professional landscapers, too. Everything we do is with our customers’ best interest in mind and our branding doesn’t change that. It serves to show you that we are creative thinkers working to make your life easier.

We have worked tirelessly for more than six decades to make sure we have the highest quality products and the best customer service. Colmet is not a company to rest on our laurels. We continue to be innovative with our products so we can save a professional as much time as possible, without sacrificing their finished product.

What’s Next For Colmet?

Colmet is a future-looking company who wants to help you right now. We built a brand we believe reflects that. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you’ve already started your project, our hope is to be your number one source for building the landscape you’ve always dreamed of having.

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