SiteOne Buying Guide: 3 Products to Overhaul Your Landscape Fast

Access to the outdoors has been linked with improved physical and mental health, and after living predominantly in our homes for almost all of 2020 due to the pandemic, it’s not surprising that many of us want to be able to enjoy our own front and backyards. 

One of easiest and fastest ways to turn any outdoor area into a beautiful yet functional space is through professional-looking landscaping. We’ve put together a list of 3 products that install quickly and can give any landscape project a fresh look, all available at SiteOne Landscape Supply, the green industry’s No. 1 destination for landscape supplies. Better yet, no green thumb required.

1. Crisp, Clean Lines Aren’t Just for Inside

There is an endless range of landscaping style, some radically distinct, others subtle and timeless. But the one consistent among all landscape styles is edging. Homeowners and professional landscapers alike value landscape edging that is easy to install, lasts, and is flexible in adapting to the different landscape styles. The edging product that best fits this list of criteria is steel edging. Site One has a wide range of steel edging products but we are partial to Colmet Steel Edging Green 14 ga. x 4 in. x 10 ft. This steel blends in nicely to surrounding greenery for subtle presence in yoru landscaping. But whether you prefer the green, brown, black, or galvanized finish, Colmet steel is an edging option that is resilient, durable, and flexible to your specific design choices. 

2. Light the Way

The right lighting (and yes, lighting is a must) can turn any house from the one people cross the street to avoid, into a property that is welcoming and welcomed in the neighborhood. The right lighting, in the right places, can create a beautiful ambiance. But, arguably more important, landscape lighting can increase a home’s security by deterring property crime and boost your safety when walking around at night. One of our favorite lighting choices is path lighting. This means ground level fixtures placed along the pathway to the front door. One of our favorite pathway lighting products from SiteOne is the Unique 4″ Illuminator Path Light 18″ Riser in the copper finish. This light is shock resistant (hello, mower!) and features a borosilicate glass lens that is resistant to cracking in extreme temperatures. 

3. Ground Cover At It’s Finest

Even though mulch is essentially just ground-up leaves or wood chips, it’s actually one of the most important parts of a successful garden. Many people think of mulch as a cosmetic thing. It looks good when it’s spread out on top of the soil, but it does so much more than that. Mulch can control weeds, retain moisture in the soil and help control soil temperature. It can even offer some erosion control. When it comes to soil nutrients mulch pulls double duty. Not only does it add nutrients to the soil (especially as it decomposes), it attracts earthworms to the garden soil that aids in nutrient cycling. 

Mulch is an exciting landscape element to think about in the garden because it’s an easy way to add a pop of colour. The caramel color of this Cedar Natural Brown Mulch found at SiteOne is a crowd-pleasing tone that pairs well with greenery and bright floral shades.

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You don’t have to have a green thumb to have a beautiful outdoor space or be a landscape designer. You just have to have a vision and the right products. Whether you want to create an outdoor space that welcomes the neighbors or a private area designed for relaxation and recharging, it all starts with these must-have SiteOne landscaping products. 

Talk with your local SiteOne Landscape Supply to help you take control of your fast landscape overhaul. They can then work with you to create your vision or help you find a professional landscaper to do the dirty work for you.  


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