QuickLock™ Edging

Better Landscaping, Defined By Steel.®

With a new interlocking design, this prime steel edging allows you to define your landscape design seamlessly and easily. Just connect the ends of each strip and drive the V-shaped stakes through the slots, then into the ground, for a secure hold that’ll look great for a long time.

QuickLock™ Edging QuickLock™ Edging
  • Patent-pending V-shaped stake design slices through terrain
  • Stakes lock below the top of the edging, making them safer and resistant to frost heave
  • Interlocking ends make installation easier and faster
  • Creates a clean and modern look for any design
  • Simple enough for homeowners and professionals alike
  • Maximizes efficiency and reduces waste, as you only need to account for a 2.5″ overlap


  • Lengths (ft.) – 4 | 7 | 8 | 10 | 16
  • Thicknesses – 14 ga. | 12 ga.° | 1/8 in.°
  • Height (in.) – 4 | 5° | 6° | 8°
QuickLock™ Edging QuickLock™ Edging
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